2000 U.S. Nationals Photos by John Oros

The playing hall with hardbat event in foreground:

Hardbat champ Steve Berger:

Berger claiming the prestigious "Hardbat RR" certificate:

Runner-up Lily Yip:

Semi-finalist Loc Ngo:

Semi-finalist Derek May:

Doubles champions Larry Hodges and Ty Hoff:

Larry and Ty receiving their trophy:

Quarter-finalist Robert Mayer:

Quarter-finalist Ty Hoff is a fulltime hardbat player:

Quarter-finalist Nick Mintsiveris:

Quarter-finalist Larry Hodges:

Barry Dattel:

Marty Reisman:

Rudy Miranda has had a number of strong hardbat wins lately:

Rudy's win over Marty was one of the most exciting matches in the tournament:

Ashu Jain proves that hardbat IS fun!

Norman Bass is a fulltime hardbat player:

10-times U.S. Champ Dick Miles coached Berger to the title:

Bernie Savitz:

Dick and Marty - friends and rivals:

Don Varian and Berndt Mann:

Tim Boggan:

Ralph Stadelman does NOT look fun to play against here:

Loc and Ralph reached the semis of the doubles:

Don Varian of Hock TTC:

Tandy Goldberg doing a publicity shoot for the USATT:

John Jarema has a SERIOUS backhand:

Tim Kelly is a fulltime hardbat player:

Scott Gordon won the U2000 event:

Bruce Liu is a fulltime hardbat player and member of team Hock:

fulltime hardbatter Thanh Nguyen was top seed in U2000, but was upset by Oros:

D.G. Van Vooren:

Curt Newton is a fulltime hardbat player:

Ralph Muramoto is a fulltime hardbat player:

John Curd's hardbat rating is over 300 points higher than his sponge rating (most players average 200 points LOWER):

Tim Wright is a fulltime hardbat player:

Dana Hanson:

Al Papp is a fulltime hardbat player, founder of the Yahoo hardbat egroup, and an advocate of cork-surfaced paddles:

John Grinnell is the USATT committee hardbat vice-chair. On the newsgroup, he goes by JTE (John-the-Elder):

Jim McQueen, trying desparately to get arrested:

William James Brin:

Courtney Roberts:

Ernesto De Los Reyes:

Is this Scott Ryan?:

unknown #1 (check out the grip!):

unknown #3:

unknown #4:

unknown #6:

unknown #7:

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